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(Title) in fear and salary barely reaches 500 euros per month are forced to work as cleaners who offer their services in public hospitals and public and private Thessaloniki and Central Makedonias.Opos complaints, the last time that a property company which owns and which is the largest in Greece, reacts to the existence and activities of the club. Simultaneously, operating illegally, has founded its own association, employer, requiring workers cleaners to join in, otherwise they will lose their jobs.
“Already, the company moved to postpone for three members of the bureau of labor union we are working on the Hippocratic and now went to the Venereal. Indeed, he insists on these transfers, despite the recommendations of the Ministry of Labour. The three workers ‘punished’ by the company because they were those who stood up and proceeded to complaints to the Labour Inspectorate for both conditions of work and the illegal establishment of the association of the company, “explains the” T “the Vice-sectoral trade unions in the provision of cleaning and care (dealers) to owners and operators of public and private sectors Central Macedonia, Eleni Pavlidou.

Yesterday, cleaners held protest rally outside the hospital, Hippocrates, and states its determination to continue their protests until they are vindicated. Among their demands is to withdraw the transfer and to prevent further be paid regular salary and stamps all the cleaners in all projects to verify the contractors by the State for violations of labor legislation and for the money receiving illegal contractors for hospitals and other institutions and to stop terrorism contractors supported by employers and trade unionists.
According to Mr. Pavlides, members of the association amounted to 250-300 in central Macedonia, while only 64 Hippokration Hospital working people, once the contract has been signed with the contractor speaks 98.

In addition, the union contract works cleaners and guards Central Macedonia wrote to himself prime minister George Papandreou, urging him to take it and the responsibility for the crime of contractors getting rich at the expense of public workers, while the government cut wages and pensions of people.
“The contractors steal even that the wages of hunger and we are below 500. Terrorize us and our families not to talk about what is happening. Everyone knows that public agencies pay the money for public employees who do not exist. For example, pay the company for 100 workers, while working only 60. These arise from the results of monitoring mechanisms and the courts, “stated, among other things, the letter of the association.

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