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(Title) The Government decided to turn the roulette for the reorganization of the Greek gaming market but the “ball” bounce constantly between the ‘red’ of legal gambling and the “black” illegal Market gaming and gambling in our country.
from 10 billion in legal gambling market in Greece (Lotteries, casinos, lotteries, horse racing), the government seeks to increase government revenues by creating a new market of technical toys whose value is estimated at 3.5 billion annually. This is a plan under which the Greek state will be flooded with 50,000 ‘bikes, which will not be gambling (such as slot machines) but I can pay someone a sum, eg one million to kill time at running rally, driving a Ferrari, a fighter plane pilotarontas and so on.

here somewhere starts against the government with kazinarches. The latter argue that first we must put order in the market for illegal gambling, estimated to represent 30-40% of legal gambling in our country. According to what the Minister of Culture and Tourism P. Geroulanou the illegal gambling market in our country is estimated to reach a value of 3.5 billion euros, while Ant. Seriotis, manager of the largest casino in Europe (Casino Loutraki) estimates that perhaps reaches 5.5 billion. The illegal gambling is primarily via the Internet.

Government and kazinarches, however, appear both allies and opponents in the arrangements to be made in relation to gambling on the Internet and the introduction of the Holden Poker elinika casinos.

The government seeks to collect large amounts of Internet gambling licensing and taxation of gambling on the Internet. At the same time, however, wants to ensure that we maximize the revenue from licenses for casinos on the Internet, even through the renewal. Something that was not terrestrial casinos, of which the government wants to collect additional money to extend the period provided by proprietary companies but practically can not do (the kazinarches no longer want the exclusivity).

casino companies saw their revenues to decline sharply in 2009 and expected further substantial decline in 2010. One major reason is the competition that are against illegal online casinos. They have gone even to cuts, which caused the reaction of workers. So far, the competent prosecuting authorities could not touch the illegal online gambling, because no appropriate legal framework.

This institutional vacuum, says companies from casinos operating foreign companies to dominate in Greece thus lose themselves and the State. Just a few days, the head of the Electronic Crime Police Em. Sfakianakis said emphatically that his agency has the necessary expertise, equipment and trained personnel to immediately close down the illegal online casinos, leaving only operate what will be licensed by the Greek government. Enough to provide a legislative framework, which is the responsibility of the government.

The companies are pushing even more casinos on the government to shut down here and now illegal online casinos using two recent ECJ rulings that allow Governments of Member States to close those online casinos are not licensed, and banning advertising. Simultaneously, however, seek to benefit as they can from the situation by requesting to extend the authorization has been granted to operate on the Internet.

Hard Poker government – kazinarchon, however, is in progress and reason the introduction of the Holden Poker games in casinos. It is considered currently the most popular (for players) and the most profitable (for casinos) gaming around the world and played in hundreds of illegal casinos operating across the country.
The decision to introduce poker in casinos is ready but waiting two months for the signature of the responsible Minister P. Geroulanou. Executives attributed the market … “Stop” sign the decision, the government’s effort to create a “cigarette roller” Negotiating with kazinarches to maximize revenue could receive from them.

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