Rena Durou: “My acquittal is confirmed to a second degree” for Mandra

“Today by unanimous decision of the Athens Trimel Court of Appeal rejected the appeal brought by the Prosecutor in the acquittal decision on the Mandra case, which had been issued after a two-year hearing. This is how my acquittal is ratified and to a second degree my acquittal is confirmed,” says the announcement. And Rena Duru continues: “The political establishment and its representatives were never able to accept that the citizens of Attica elected in 2014 a left-wing district governor in the larger District of our country. A huge effort was made to use criminal prosecutions to mar the great work carried out by the Life Force in the administration of the Region of Attica. Because it was easier for them to appear as the inspiration of our own iconic works. Critical flood infrastructure projects, amounting to EUR 500 million, in the context of holistic planning, including, among other things, the flooding project in Mandra and its road network. Works such as the reconstruction of the Falirian bay and hundreds of others in every corner of Attica with the sole concern of our administration to protect the lives and property of citizens.” “ I was expelled as no other local government edict, with persecutions that none involved financial irregularities, nor directly me as a person, but all had to do with alleged negligence of the district’s organs. I believe that one way to prevent the prestige and morality of our political system from being affected is to judge politicians for our actions by the natural judges. In this way the innocent will be attributed without shadows to society. According to this reasoning, grotesquely, silent but also in pain, I passed all stages of the criminal process, always respecting the rules of the rule of law.” And Rena Duru concludes: “Today I do not celebrate – the pain of losing human lives never fades. Today I do not ask that all those of the political opponents who showed me to be guilty. I do not ask that journalists who wrote libels against me should be reconstructed. I do not regard this decision as a personal justification in general. Because I still believe that justice may require patience and patience but in the end the truth wins.”