RELEASE of crime ALIENS: The “refugees” that we chose from the beginning of 2016 by land and sea

    Despite the fact that several…
    cycles of the coalition are trying to persuade us to the contrary, the truth is that there has been a very great increase in the uninvited who entered illegally in Greece, the first 4 months of 2016, compared with the corresponding period last year.
    So, a few days ago, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced that from the beginning of 2016 have entered the country by sea 155.399 “southern blue whiting”.
    Now, according to official figures published by the Headquarters of EL.NES, the first 4 months of 2016 were arrested 165.247 uninvited against 36.172 last year the same period of time.
    In more detail this year 1.956 were arrested on the Greek-Albanian border, 310 in the Greek-Macedonian border, 311 at the Greek-Bulgarian border, 1.449 in the land Greek-Turkish border, 155.171 in the maritime Greek-Turkish border, 424 in Crete and 5.626 in the rest of the country.
    In terms of their origin, 77.391 stated that they were from Syria, 39.745 from Afghanistan, 25.142 from Iraq, 4.931 from Iran, 7.222 from Pakistan, 1.560 from Palestine, 3.665 from Albania, 866 from Morocco and 4.007 from other countries.