Redundancies and blackmail WORKERS OF THE “CHILD’S SMILE” … What about you guys???

    Andrew Johnson and George Washington Items Politics
    Image by Cornell University Library

    (Title)  revoke the dismissal, the employee Maria Anastasaki from “Child’s Smile ‘union demanded yesterday in the health sector.
    Ms Anastasakis, who works as a cook in the hostel of NGOs in Melissia, complains that the administration asked the other day by herself and two other colleagues to resign otherwise we will dismiss a complaint and against them that they molest children! The workers refused to resign, despite a brutal blackmail.

    Xtes trade unionists to go and the woman did intervene in the administrative offices in Maroussi, asking the woman to return to normal work, not be any redundancies. They met with responsible personnel, which has told by the employer that maintains its plans. Indeed, trade unionists in the industry complain that similar efforts – claiming the same blackmail – by the employers had done a year ago. But workers refused to resign because, as features they say, would be to admit that they are guilty of something that did would compromise the dignity. Furthermore, over time the employer has advanced a series of dismissals and … ‘resignations

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