Real Madrid – Leipzig 1-1 for Champions League “16”

When the draw took out the pair, – in the Champiosn League “16” nobody expected this development. On the day of the 122nd birthday of the “Queen”, Anselotti footballers were disapproved of their image in the “Bernabeau” against Leipzig, but eventually brought 1-1 and with a total score of 2-1 qualified for the quarterfinals of the event. Vinicius scored, who should have been expelled just before. Real Madrid saw Leipzig play with… audacity in “Bernabeau”, with Germans trying to “beat” in counterattacks, thus putting… hard on the home line. Anselotti players gave measures to the guests, in order to find empty spaces, but failed, since the attackers had enough distance from the team’s remaining lines. Only one phase had Vinicius in the opposing frame, with the German defensive function exemplary. In front, Leipzig seemed to win with ease measures towards the Lunin area and saw the Simmons and Opeda shots pass for a while out. Upon the start of the replay, Adelotti passed Rodrigo in place of Cavaminga. Real Madrid, however, continued to wonder, with Leipzig having an amazing picture on all lines. In 54′ Vinicius could have left the hosts with ten players (unnormal marking but also pushing out of phase to Orban) but the referee chose to only give a yellow card. Rodrigo began breathing on the offensive line of Real Madrid. Finally, the “Queen” managed to open the score to 65′. After a rapid counterattack, Bellingham “broken” to Vinishius and the Brazilian made 1–0 by stage. The homecoming celebrations stopped immediately, after in 68′ Orban caught a terrible turning head for 1-1. Real Madrid had its… moments then, but Leipzig raised her performance vertically and until the game’s finale pushed to reach an extension score. The hosts were massively defended and in 90+2′ they saw Olmo’s finely chopped frame sending the ball to the horizontal beam!

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