Real estate: The ideal areas to buy and rent in Athens

Prices are as high as for a two or three bedroom apartment in Athens, Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece. With the “scepters” of accuracy by far occupying the Southern Suburbs, while dynamic come back have made both the Northern Suburbs at both a level of accuracy and citizens’ preferences. At a time when the center despite consistently high prices, it continues to be the first choice for sales and rentals candidates. In the center of Athens, according to a survey by Spitogatos, the average price requested for a two-bedroom apartment for sale is 2,054 euros/sq.m. and 2,105 euros/sq.m. for a three-star. Accordingly, the average price of the square meter for a house for rent is EUR 9,4 for either a property with 2 y/d, or a 3 y/d. Timelessly, the areas of the Northern Suburbs, such as Kifisia, Ekali, Philothei, Agia Paraskevi or Psychiko, are selected by Greeks. In addition, most apartments in the Northern Suburbs are larger, so they are ideal for families. The average selling price for an apartment with 2 y/d in the Northern Suburbs is EUR 3,294/sq.m., while 3 y/d is EUR 3,602/sq.m. At the same time, the average prices for renting an apartment with 2 and 3 y/d are 11,3 euro/sq.m. and 10,6 euro/sq.m respectively. A special case is the Southern Suburbs, as although it is a pole of attraction for foreign investors, the interest also increases from the Greeks, which sound strongly in the areas of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni or Old Faliro. In addition, areas such as the Greek or Daphne show significant growth in recent years and are selected sorodon by new couples, as the metro is a breath away from the city center. Of course, average apartment prices for both purchase and rental in the South are high. Specifically, for apartments for sale, the average prices requested are 3,300 euros/sq.m (2 y/d) and 3,913 euros/sq.m (3 y/s). As for the rental part, an apartment with 2 y/d costs, approximately, 11.5 EUR/sq.m., while an apartment with 3 y/d has an average price of around 11.8 EUR/sq.m. Many, in fact, consider buying housing in the Southern Suburbs to be an investment that can make a long-term profit. High prices have brought to the fore other areas, such as Eastern Attica, which has several advantages for buying and renting a house. For a start, the cost of both buying and renting an apartment in the eastern suburbs of Athens is lower than in other areas of Attica. In addition to low prices, in the East there are more available options for various types of properties (compartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms etc.). As regards prices, the average selling price of an apartment with 2 y/d is 2,667 EUR/sq.m. and 3 y/d is 2,809 EUR/sq.m. The average rental prices are 8€/sq.m. and 8.3 euros/sq.m respectively. In addition, the positives of these areas include the close distance from the sea, urban “comfort” and easy access to the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. All these give the eastern suburbs competitive advantages over other suburbs of Athens. The Western Suburbs of Attica have been gaining ground in recent years. For example, Peristeri, one of the largest municipalities in Athens, has a dense construction, developed market, vitality and a host of options for all tastes. The average sales prices requested are currently fixed at around EUR 2,000/sq (for apartment with 2 y/d) and EUR 2,264/sq (for apartment with 3 y/s). At the same time, an apartment for rent in Western Suburbs costs 7,7 euros/sq.m (with 2 y/d) and 7.5 euros/sq.m (with 3 y/d). In Piraeus, the average sales prices for real estate are 2,500 euros/sq.m. for apartment with 2 y/d and 2,540 euros/sq.m. for apartment with 3 y/s. On the rental track now, the average price for an apartment with 2 y/d in the center of Piraeus is 9.2 euro/sq.m., while 3 y/s around 8.5 euros/sq.m. Accordingly, in the suburbs of Piraeus, average prices are lower, as an apartment with 2 y/d seems to cost around 7.4 euros/sq.m. and 3 u/d, on average, 7.2 euros/sq.m.

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