Real estate: End of time for corrections to E9 – By mid-April the new clearings are posted

It ends today (08.03. 24) the deadline for owners to make corrections to , in case they had changes in their property situation in 20223. The same deadline expires for those property owners who wish to proceed with errors corrections in statements already submitted in E9. At the same time, according to the ERT, no later than the first 15th of April will be issued the clearings of the ENFIA, as this year the repayment deadline for the first instalment expires on 30th of the following month. This year’s money will be repaid in 11 monthly instalments. Each of which may not be less than EUR 10 with the latter being repaid at the end of February 2025. From the year, as provided for by a law recently passed by the House, the repayment instalments of the ENFIA increase to 12 with the first to the end of March and the last to February of the following year. Today’s deadline concerns taxpayers who have found errors, gaps or omissions in their property data as well as those who had any change in their property last year (they purchased or acquired a property with parental provision, donation or inheritance, sold or transferred properties to their children or grandchildren). The most common errors relate to the surface of the property, the floor, oldness, the type of property rights, the rates of ownership, the empty and unfinished buildings as well as the type of buildings located within parcels.