Reactions from the IMF: in July, like, right now, what’s changed?

Reactions in Berlin and Washington, dc is causing the declaration of Alexis Tsipras to the ERT that the Greek government does not want the IMF in Greece. The IMF officially refuses to comment on the…
anything in public, leaving the German side to respond formally by the German Finance Minister Schaeuble in Athens, greece.
However the story says that in the circles of the environment of Christine Lagarde there is a frustration about this statement as they consider that it is not consistent with the assurances that the director of the IMF has received all the previous time so on a personal level by the Greek Prime minister, as well as through letters of Euclid Τσακαλώτου to the Fund which stated the request of the Greek side for participation of the Fund in the new programme.
“If the Fund discussed the participation in the new program that will be why Athens has invited the IMF to help” notes, source of the Fund.
On the part of the however recalled – not random – the dialogue Lagarde Tsipras last July, when the director of the Fund asked him ” if he wants the eve of the Fund with the Greek Prime minister then reportedly answered that “of course we want you”. It is also noted that if Athens doesn’t really want further cooperation with the IMF, then it can very easily with a request to register officially with the simultaneous repayment of the loans to the Fund.
Discomfort and from the USA
At the same time, annoyance, and the american side is causing the aggressive rhetoric of the Greek Prime minister at the IMF as well as the American Ministry of Finance any more than it considers that it helps to “bridge the gap of trust between Athens and the Fund”. What διαμυνήεται from circles of the American Ministry of Finance again and again is the placement that is predominantly expressed Jack Lew that the IMF should continue to have an active involvement in the Greece.
It is certain that the abandonment of Greece by the IMF is something that the american side will want to prevent.
Schaeuble: “do Not question the IMF”
“Advice” to Alexis Tsipras not to question the role of the IMF in the Greek program gave the German Finance Minister commenting on what the prime minister said.
“It’s not in the interest of Greece to question the involvement of the IMF in the bailout program,” said according to Reuters the German Finance minister who comes at the ECOFIN meeting in Brussels.

It is recalled that in an interview with the ERT, asked about, the Greek prime minister had noted that “the position of the IMF is not constructive”.
“The compromise is in the middle of the road. The Fund has to decide if he wants a compromise, if you will stay in the program. If you don’t want it, you have to tell the public”, stressed among other things the prime minister.
What does the Punctuation in the Championships
“Fortunately, the German Finance Minister, is struggling to “keep the pitcher strong”. European public opinion has now understood what opinions serves each side. We recall that responsibility for the interests of the country is the Greek government. We expect from the German Ministry of Finance to separate the stand from the unacceptable tough stance of the IMF. Europe must and can solve the problems that concern it alone”.Source