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(Title) questions approvals cause new emissions to ERT by the provisional board of the company, which – like making a valid legal – has no legal standing. At the same time, a sense of cause and cost of these emissions in the midst of economic crisis.

Typical example the case of Venus Al Saleh, former adviser to Secretary of State for Civil Protection Sp Vougias, which one day after the reshuffle found to show about immigrants.

The show has adopted the ‘headless’ board of directors of ERT, which remains without a president and chief executive almost two months after the resignation Gampritsou and one year after the elections . However, it continues to make decisions, charging unreasonably the Greek citizen.

According to the adoption of “interim” Board of ERT on 9 September, the show will cost 14,888 ? episode, or 58,000 ? month.

The decision provoked a strong response, which led to the resignation of Ms Al-Saleh, which told MEGA supported: 14.000 million was the cost of each episode, namely the cost of production. I would get 800 euros for gross presentation.

Questions arise and where to go the rest of the money when the respective television productions in private television, they cost much less.

The show for immigrants is not unique. Other emissions adopted by the Board of ERT cost even more, for example, “Reportage Without Frontiers Kouloglou Stelios, who until recently was a member of the Board of ERT.

According to decision of September 9, 2010, the show more than 35,294 ? episode. Before the crisis, in 2007, the same gross output and the same video product had to be costed 29,192 ? episode.

Recalled that Stelios was Kouloglou accept criticism from sections of the press when, in choosing as a board member of the ERT, said that in return, state television to regain the emissions were cut.

Another show, which in 2003 was costed with 15.973 per episode, back to ERT with 24 772 per episode ..

information managers want the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission to examine the record of public service broadcasting, amid the financial crisis.

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