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    (Title) One of the most important aspects of the case to the motors of the multinational «SIEMENS» for PASOK and ND is that associated with the procurement of the notorious security system for the Olympic Games , codenamed C4i.
    The testimony of political and military officials who appear on the selection committee of the House of the scandal «SIEMENS», on the supply of chafiedosystimatos subcontractor which was the German multinational, is indicative of the relationship entanglement grown in conditions of capitalism between capital and the parties.
    That in the end has to pay the marble is always the people. Even in this case, the government not only put the nape of Greek workers a reactive system chafiedismou political and social action, but also fesosan the Greek state, ie people with more than 280 million euros (255 million The contract was signed PASOK). And that, for the establishment of a mechanism never worked completed during the Olympic Games for which we purchased, under pressure from foreign service and multinational conglomerates in the main «SIEMENS».

    The C4i PASOK had purchased on the American SAIC (Science Applications International Corp), which claimed the project in consortium with other companies in Europe and Greece. A key member of the consortium and developer of the system was “Zimens, which had one of the major subsystems of C4i, called TETRA. The consortium also participated companies ALTEC (Athanasoulis), “Pouliadis Partners», EADS, «General Dynamics», «ITT Technologies», «Honeywell», and DIEKAT «Rafael Elbit».

    The German multinational searched today for starters, which gave officials key – PASOK and ND governments on both to choose the system of this consortium, and to complete the split – as found – the supply of C4i, when the Olympic Games are over.
    conducting the tender for the security system of the Olympic Games had taken over the Ministry of Public Order (M. Chrisochoïdis). Under the pretext, however, that there was insufficient time, the competition eventually pass through the Secretary for Economic Planning and Defense Investments of the Ministry of Defence, led by then G. Papantoniou.

    The commission awarded the consortium of SAIC. The agreement was signed by G. Papantoniou and approved by the KYSEA in March 2003. During the Olympics, but presented considerable problems operating in the sub C4i and basically the system does not work. At Southwest Government, the Court block payments to SAIC, followed by further negotiations, in which waged by the then Minister of Public Order George Voulgarakis and Defence Sp Spiliotopoulos.

    As a result compromise – unknown how basement price – the west end in 2006 agreed to pay and accept the system as a problem in every respect an agreement to remedy the problems. Negotiations were undertaken by the then Deputy Minister of Public Order, Ch. Markogiannakis.
    Significant information

    Some revealing observations:
    1. According to the evidence so far, «SIEMENS» SAIC and hand out motors in PASOK and New Democracy is preferable to the system of their own pool for the Olympic Games. However, as shown, the showbiz with the Greek government, in addition to bribery, extortion and contained inherent in the imperialist system and the position of every country in the imperialist pyramid. For argument’s sake, lodging Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on 04.05.2010, G. Papantoniou (Defense Minister in 2003) said that in view of the Olympic Games, the U.S. and Britain pressed for the procurement of this system security and threatened that if they do not make the purchase, then the two countries will send their athletes to the Athens Olympics! Reinforcing the above, the former Minister of Public Order SW B. Polydoras lodged on 8 / 6 that the U.S. ambassador in Athens operated as commercial agent for Greece to buy an “expensive and virtually high-tech system,” as described. She also noted that the then Prime Minister, Costas Simitis, “bought peace for the Olympic Games” and said that there was a peak of pressures on the security of the Olympic Games, but in 2003 signed an agreement for the supply of C4i prevailed “absolute calm . As revealed, the U.S. threatened not to send their team to the Olympics, but after signing for C4i completely changed attitude. He spoke of “huge American interest” on the continuation of the agreement, despite the failure of the test.

    2. The government knew that buying a system useless on the substance of the work that is for the period of the Olympics. The «New York Times» wrote features in 2004: “The Greeks have signed a contract to Cadillac, but in the end you will get … Sevrolet. And she will know how to act. ” Testifying to the House Committee on 19 / 3, S. Travlos, that the period in question was general secretary of the Ministry of Defence said that the choice of C4i was high risk because the project could work with as it was described contract. He admitted also that a similar system on this scale did not exist and that there were only subsystems operating in different cities and different situations. He stated that such a smaller system had failed in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, two – three years ago. The former Public Order Minister B. Polydoras submitted to the committee on 8 / 6 that in June 2004 failed the general test of the security system, but next month KYSEA decided the temporary receipt for the use and operation.

    3. The C4i substantive and worked at the Olympic Games in 2004, apart from some subsystems, such as chafiedokameres and zeppelins. This confirms the statements to the inquiry S. Travlos (19 / 3) and other witnesses. The captain of the Coast Guard C Syvitas lodged on 14 / 4 in 2004 and worked all C4i systems and protocols are still receiving system. On the same day, archipyrosvestis B. Kazoukas, serving at 199, admitted that “heart” of C4i on the Fire does not work. On 15 / 4, D. Rigogiannis, technical advisor for C4i specifically for the system CDSS, which was “the heart, testified that during the Olympic Games” not only does not work, but it worked after tragic fall Then the system “. Similarly, in a letter to Chr. Markogiannaki on 25/06/2004, CEO of the Athens 2004 wrote on C4i: «On this basis it is evident that the entire project C4i will not be ready for use before the Olympics I (…) that the proposed solution for partial delivery of the project to use for the Games, although complex legal, is the only feasible and could be implemented at your instigation and intervention with the relevant departments. The Chr. Markoyannakis, for its part, has signed a partial acceptance, despite the fact that the House Committee submitted that this is “a very big risk, especially if it agreed to pay the entire premium received are each subsystem. Finally, V. Constantinides, head of the Directorate for Security of the Olympic Games, testified to the committee on 16 / 4 that does not work C4i never completed and was struck by what was decided by the Greek government to supply such a complex system without tested in practice in other similar cases.

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