Pull the Sia Anagnostopoulou in Patras, greece – Members of the PEOPLE of Lafazanis [video]

    The raspberry student members of the Popular Unity of Panagiotis Lafazanis and other…
    citizens caused the pronunciation of the name of the deputy minister of Education Protection Αναγνωστόπούλου at an event marking 25 years since the murder of Nikos Τεμπονέρα in Patras, greece.
    The students pull the lady Anagnostopoulou so during the pronunciation of the name of and at the invitation to testify wreath was accompanied. From their side, however, members of the SYRIZA chanted the slogan: “The Τεμπονέρας Lives leads us”.
    A similar scene was repeated, and the moment that the microphone was summoned to testify before a wreath of the secretary.E. Achaia, Michalis Sidiropoulos.