Protest by Lamia about the game with AEK: ‘Surprised by the decision of the IACB, cameras have already been installed’

The Standing Violence Commission (DEAB) announced that the match – AEK for its playoffs will take place behind closed doors due to deficiencies in installing cameras on the field, which brought the reaction of the hosts. Lamia claims that they had been delayed in reaching three cameras, which have already been installed and wonder why the stadium is not being re-checked, to have regular fans, in the game with the Super League playoffs 1. The announcement of Lamia “With great surprise we were informed at 22:11 (!) on Thursday night 7/3 with a document from the Standing Violence Commission that due to the incomplete operation of the closed monitoring circuit at IAK Lamia “Ath. Diakos” (due to a lack of 3 cameras that had been ordered from abroad and received yesterday and their location has already been completed) the Sunday 10/3 (65 hours ago) race with AEK will take place behind closed doors! However, we inform the fans that the IAK Lamia is now 100% legal and meets all the necessary conditions for a safe race and we invite all the competent authorities to verify and certify the lawful operation of our stadium monitoring system, 55 hours before the start of the match. And finally we ask ourselves: Do we want people on the courts or not?”.

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