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(Title)  To defuse – like any show – led to confrontation between the owners of trucks and tankers Public License and the government, following the proposals made to suspend the strike and lift the measure of requisition and political mobilization.
Professional operators will have lunch Sunday and a new Extraordinary General during which, as promised by their chairman, Mr. George, will propose to suspend the strike and start a new round of dialogue with the government.

The proposal should be adopted since the strike gradually degenerates as the market rapidly fed with fuel.
The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Dimitris Reppas, accepted the proposal of the strike on condition that there will be a commitment on their part that they will move to new protests as they hold a debate on the bill, expected to be voted on at the end of September.
same time, Mr. Reppas clarified that this dialogue will be the proposals of the ministry on matters related to taxation and insurance issues for carriers and their integration in development law. Dieminyse also issue an extension of time adjustment, which under the bill is three years, there is the dialogue table.
However, the market supply, mainly fuels continues apace in the private and commandeered tanks. In the Attica region sufficient number of stations have fuel and it is estimated that the market will soon normalize.

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Grant’s First and Last Vote Politics
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Buchanan-Breckinridge Portrait Campaign Ribbon, ca. 1856 Politics
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