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    (Title) Petsokomma supplementary pensions shows for the next period of propaganda, in which government officials are continuing to “advertise” the importance and the need to continue reforming the insurance which station was the law passed by the House last July. A “historic and far-reaching reform ‘, as featured on last week and step troika arrived in Greece, with a special congratulations to the government and its” partners “of (among them the majority of the GSEE) for the determination with which go to the massacre of the conquests of the working class.

    So, the Deputy Minister of Labour George Koutroumanis, speaking yesterday on SKAI said that “for supplementary pension provision is made in (SS that passed in July ) law “, adding that not” going to “give tests” in September or October on these issues. What is that under the recent Act antiasfalistikos? The payment of supplementary pensions will depend on the financial position of the Funds. What this means in simple Greek? That if the cost of supplementary funds are not good or pensions will be paid or made less stringent. Therefore with the clarification that “the law provides that it will make the necessary actuarial studies in early 2011 to see what the economic possibilities of each Fund, portends a new domino antiasfalistikon hits.
    Consider high employer contributions

    revealing the severity with which we continue antiasfalistiki and anti-labor offensive is the interview given to the “Times”, the new administrator of IKA. Asked why the companies are not consistent with the payment of contributions to the Funds, Robert Spiropoulos, among other things, answered: “In Greece, social security contributions are high, because it covers the losses from the contribution evasion. If we had zero starting for 15 to 20 years, payments would be reduced by 20-30%. Under the current system, unfair to policyholders and the right companies pay a lot … We do not give proper incentives to companies ».

    So, although (with the new law antiasfalistiko) talking about a reduction of up to 40% and pensions when they are already six in ten pensioners are required to cope with 600 per month, the headquarters of the ruling class growing perception that employers spend a lot on pensions … Betting on terrorism in which the employer blackmailing the consent of the employees openly advertise petsokomma rights (even) as EFSIMON in “successful” operations.

    At the same time, key government priorities in front of Social Security remains:

    * The value of the assets of insurance funds, as clear as the new administrator of IKA, the first time it has taken. As stated in the ‘C’ together with other funds, to make an operator of real estate us. ” Such companies (RE Investment) on a legal framework is required to join the stock market. Opens, then, the bag of Aeolus, the sell-off and the property of IKA.
    * Cuts in pharmacy “cost” of insurance funds, which – in common words of government officials – are “exorbitant.” In this context only in recent months came unlisted prescription drugs hundreds of funds (including non-prescription medicines Required widely used). The new cuts, combined with the accelerated rolling in Health and conversion of public hospitals paramagaza multinationals will multiply the tragic events of insured unemployed and can not face serious health problems if you did not put his hand deep in his pocket, selling off so far have not been …

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