Potassium: How do we understand that is missing from your system

    The modern man does not hire sufficient quantities of seven key nutrients… potassium is one of them. Studies have proven that potassium can help in keeping the arterial blood pressure at low levels. Also good for fertility and muscle and nerve function. You can find potassium in foods such as: milk, potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas and legumes.
    Below you will see how you can understand that lacking potassium from your body.
    The dish is usually colorful
    Fruits and vegetables are by far the best sources of potassium, so the colors of the rainbow will be starring in your every meal. “Garnish” the plate with arugula, colored peppers, corn and broccoli, instead of being limited to a chicken fillet and some rice .
    Feel often impossibility
    Low energy levels are a symptom of almost any nutritional lack of and the lack of potassium is no exception. If you sleep enough and you continue to feel permanently tired, I guess you have to strengthen your diet with more fresh products and at the same time to limit the quantities of sugar.
    Your blood pressure’s up
    The family history of high blood pressure, increased weight and excessive salt consumption are some of the key risk factors for future onset of hypertension. The lack of potassium is a risk factor that is usually overlooked. Potassium plays in this case an important role because it neutralizes the effect of the sodium.
    Have frequent cramps
    The cramps are most common in people who exercise regularly because physical exercise inevitably be accompanied by sweating and thus loss of electrolytes, such as potassium.
    You often have palpitations
    If the levels of potassium in the body is extremely low, there is a risk of serious complications. Consult with your doctor immediately if you feel that the heart rate of your run with a thousand.