Poseidon Giannopoulos: Kalomora was very sad, she had believed promises given to her

‘ She is a very special creature, I remember her distress” confesses . Back in time and collaboration with Kalomira in Eurovision, Poseidon Giannopoulos returned, speaking to the Super Katerina camera on Friday (15.03.2024) to Alpha, on the occasion of what the well-known singer said recently about ERT. “There is a romance that you expect rationality after a third place, so successful, in Eurovision. It’s not just a matter of position but it was that this particular song made a great success abroad. With the American typical way of thinking of Kalomera she would expect to do something different where other horizons will open up to her. So turning around and seeing that the proposals were one of the same, I guess it must have let her down. There were some so – called journeys paid by the public body, which was a symbolic amount. This is something I don’t know, but she certainly had reason to have her complaints at certain levels because she did put her whole soul into it” stressed the well-known radio producer and songwriter. “It is a very special creature. I remember her sadness when she came out third. So once the vote is over, that moment you’re in the green room is not easily described. It’s such a tension that, while you’re taking 12, you’re in a weird cheetah, like you’re flying a little. So when this was over, it remained a bittersweet taste but I saw Kalomera very sad because she had believed some promises that had been made to her” added Poseidon Giannopoulos.

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