Pope Francis: In Gaza we have a war of two irresponsible

The war between Israel and Hamas was discussed by his interview on Swiss television. “Every day, at 7 p.m., I call the Gaza Catholic parish. Six hundred people live there and tell what they see: this is war,” Pope Francis initially stressed. Always referring to the situation in the Middle East, the pontiff added: “In the war there are two opposing sides, not one. The irresponsible are those two who fight. And there is not only the military war, but also the guerrilla war, let’s call it Hamas, a movement not made up of an army. This is something bad.” “Let’s see History, all the wars we’ve had, end with a deal,” Francis concluded. Pope Francis, in an interview on Swiss television, referred to developments and the Russian-Ukrainian war. More specifically, the pontiff stated: “I think it is stronger that he who recognizes the situation, thinks of the people, has the courage to ‘ lift up a white flag’, to negotiate. Today we can negotiate with the strongest international forces. The word negotiation is a word of courage”. Asked about those who, in Ukraine, refer to the possibility of “a white flag being raised”, Francis added: “When you see (…) that things are not going well, you must have the courage to negotiate” You may feel ashamed,…”but how many other dead will this end? It must be negotiated in time, seeking a country that acts as mediator. Today, there are many who want to mediate the war in Ukraine. Turkey has proposed itself, like other countries. Don’t be ashamed to negotiate before the situation gets even worse.”