Poor Things: Oscars, Lanthimos and a movie station

He’s no longer a director who struggles for achievement. He is a director of acclaimable, “passionate” for many film studios, quality, with his own stamp and personality and also commercial. It was his film that justified many and led him to the Oscars. And gave him 4! Poor Things certainly justified the executives of the production company Searchlight Pictures and Disney who believed that George Lanthimou’s film would exceed $100 million at the global box office. For the record, Poor Things overcame the success of the “Enunciated” who won 10 Oscar nominations and the statuette for the protagonist, Olivia Coleman. Already, he’s collected $105 million around the world and continues. This is now the biggest success of George Lanthimos collectibles, as the “Enost” stopped at $95.6 million, but also the most successful collection film of the season in terms of limited distribution films in the halls. What film is Poor Things Creating a monstrous scientist, Bella Baxter (Ema Stone) is a lively girl with a baby mind, and more specifically her own unborn embryo. Many say that through Bella Baxter George Lanthimos shows a woman’s course in emancipation. All the film’s protagonists leave their seal on their role with Willem Dafow (Godwin or plain God) but also outstanding Mark Rafalo as Duncan. Bella Baxter is a pleasant surprise in a world immersed in cynicism as well as a woman who evolves behaves so altruisticly that she often thrills. It all begins when the man whom she has as her God finds her cold under a bridge and as another Dr. Frankenstein brings her back to life by controversial methods. She transplants the brain of the unborn baby she was carrying. That’s why Bella Baxter is originally a child with a woman’s body with a behavior that ‘stranges’. Lanthimus’ originality is that Bella Baxter’s creator has also been tortured by his own father in the name of science by disfigureing his own child. Poor Things has made a great course. He won awards at all major festivals and George Lanthimos is sure to be a star and not a diver.