Poget: “My stay in Greece depends on the Euro”

Gustavo wants to stay on the football bench for another two years. Gustavo Poget expressed his thoughts about Greece, speaking in Spanish “AS”, stressing that his stay on the blue-white bench will depend on whether he manages to lead the team to the Euro. At the same time, the Uruguayan technician referred to the cases of Costas Fortunis, Vangelis Pavlidis, Tasos Douvika and Costas Tsimika, and also talked about his presence in the national area so far. Detailedly what he said : Two years in Greece. How’d it go? “Very well. If you asked me two years ago, it would be very difficult for me to answer. I adapt and still learn. It was necessary to find a strong team of football players with whom we were fast connected and identified. We started to improve and win. There is now the most difficult aspect, qualifying for the Euro. We had a difficult group with France and Holland and we stood well. We were there until the end. This pushes us significantly in the psychological field in the face of play off.” Starting in Greece was not easy. “Greece experienced an unforgettable moment in 2004 with the conquest of Euro. Then he stood well for the next ten years and found himself in all the major events. From 2014 onwards, however, the fall followed. There have been many changes. We found this situation and decided to “isolate”. I had set two goals. To go first to the Nation League group and bring our people back to the field. Do you see yourself on Euro and the premiere with Turkey? “We have analysed very much Kazakhstan, Luxembourg and Georgia and will look for later… We know what the game with Turkey means. It will be wonderful to face them for the first time in Euro. For Greece winning the first place of the Nation League group was a small title. Join the team with the world. I love this connection. With two more wins we go to Euro”. Your contract with Greece expires on March 31, what are you going to do next? “I’m a realist. In football when a footballer’s contract or coach has stressed that he wants to continue, you normally offer him a new contract or even negotiate with him. I don’t mean to say they don’t love me, but in Greece they see the future differently. It’s an uncomfortable time for me, my technical staff and my football players. Is there any chance we can qualify for Euro and not be there? Of course. There is, however, the other issue. If we qualify, they’ll offer me a new contract and if not, they won’t. I think the situation depends on the Euro. Time will tell. My idea is to renew for two years. Let’s go to the World Cup. Imagine having your contract renewed for a few months. I want to stay, I’m happy and I like the place here. I want to go to Euro and the World Cup with Greece”. You got a lot of criticism about the Fortunis thing. What happened? “Fortunis was injured when I went to Greece. I like to meet football players. I talked to him and he came and tried but Fortunis pays better as “10”. We do not play with “10” and that was the problem. Bakasettas is the closest we have to this position and he’s my scorer. Fortunis is an excellent footballer, if I were Olympiacos I would adapt the team around him. She later made the decision to stop by the National and I respected her. We spoke clearly, we talked in a very good climate.” Paulides, Duvika? “Paulidis reminds me of Benzema and I mean about the way he moves on the field. Benzema is not a district foreman, he likes to come out and Pavlidis moves in the same pattern. I don’t know the amount Alkmaar requires but it could be a very good choice for many groups. Duvikas is also an excellent footballer. Different from Paulides, more vertical in his game. It’s a dream for every coach, working very hard all the time. He is always available, never injured” Which player impressed you most? “There are many. In the early days I was impressed with Chimika. I said “Wow that’s why he plays in Liverpool”. Bakasettas also has excellent shots and scores often this way. Very special blows with terrible power. He’s offering you something that’s not normal. The Vlachodemus, too. Great goalkeeper”.

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