please see the offer letter BP UK and advice to this offer letter is true or fales?

    Sir, i receive the Appiontment Letter British petroleum company uk, i am sending the your feviour please advice the this Appiontment Letter is True or False. sir i am waiting to your answar, if true then i process the next step because only few days is joing date. — On Wed, 28/1/09, British Petroleum Company Plc wrote:From: British Petroleum Company Plc Subject: British Petroleum Company Appiontment Letter For Sushil Kumar ShrivastavaTo: sushil75satna@yahoo. co. inDate: Wednesday, 28 January, 2009, 9:26 AM BRITISH PETROLEUM COMPANY UK OFFICE OF THE CHIEF RECRUIT OFFICER 1st, St. James Square London, SW1Y 4PD Tel: +(44) 702-305-192127th of January 2009STAFF REF NO:AM/BPPLC/OP/0568/09Attenton: Mr. Sushil Kumar ShrivastavaAfter observing the six (6) candidate qualification this morning, I want you to know that the recruit team has found you favorable after going through your qualifications properly, the Board of Directors of this company deemed it nice also that such person with this kind of qualification can handle this position with ease without engaging in any difficulty while handling jobs. You have been appointed as a staff of British Petroleum Company United Kingdom, the scope of this company will be sent to you via courier for your reading pleasure. Job Status With BP Permanent Appointment Resumption Date: 23rd March 2009 Position: Administrative Manager Monthly Salary: 15,500GBP You will be briefed on your Job out line after your training program at our institutes here in the United Kingdom . You are entitled to relocate down to London with a maximum of 6 members of your family; all immigration documents will be processed free for them by BP, since you are already a staff of this company. Do be informed that as a new staff of this company, you are expected to contact our staff paying bank as soon as possible to set up your salary account with them immediately. As soon as you set up your online account with them, your account logging details will be given to you by the account officer, these details will have to be sent to me via email, so our finance department can deposit you total allowance and benefit into it immediately. You will be required to transfer all this funds deposited in your BP Salary account to your home account . You will be guided by the bank office for any information required. Do contact the bank with these details: Bank Name: Swiss Credit Bank Ltd Bank Email: customercareunit@swisscreditsbonline. com Account Officer: Mr. Ray Williams Tel No: +(44) 702-305-1942 Bank Address: 1st Floor, 99 Hatton Garden, London , United Kingdom , EC1N 8DN. Do contact the account officer with this email address given above, informing him that you are of the newly appointed staff of BP. Do stated your BP staff Ref No to him and your Position. Break down of the payment upfront which is to be transferred into your BP salary account which you are to setup with our staff bank. All staff of BP most set up an online account with Swiss Credit Bank. All salary and benefit will be paid into this account. As a newly employed staff of this company, you are entitled to the following benefit and allowance as a new staff. Allowance and Benefit Due to Mr. Sushil Kumar Shrivastava: 1. ) 6months Salary Upfront Payment: 93,000GBP 2. ) Children Education Allowance: 4,500GBP 3. ) Mobilization: 3,000GBP 4. ) Relocation Allowance: 4,200GBP 5. ) Clothing Allowance (Staff & Family):3,700GBP 6. ) Medical Allowance: 2,800 7. ) Re-imbursement: 1500GBP 8. ) Housing Allowance 4,000GBP Total: 116,700GBP All benefit and allowance will be deposited into your online account as soon as you activate your BP salary account with our designated bank and be informed that BP will not transfer your salary into your home account as all salary that will be paid to you by this company has to be deposited in your staff salary account. As s0on as you have your salary account activated,you are to forward your salary account number to me so i can send it to the account dept for the transfer of your salary and your salary account number has to be registered in our staff salary account list. You will be transferring the total funds which are to be deposited into your BP salary

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