Plastic film food: What to watch out for during use

    Experts from the field of health are sounding the alarm with regard to…
    the effects of different types of plastics on our health.
    A variety of investigations have at times indicated that long-term exposure to chemicals found in plastics may contribute to infertility or even cancer.
    The plastic wrap is a product that exists in every kitchen, the experts, however, recommend to watch a very important parameter in the use of.
    According to the organisation Cancer Research UK, the plastic wrap should not touch food, especially if you are going to heat it up.
    Experts from the leading american University, Johns Hopkins associate themselves with this recommendation, warning that it is likely to penetrate the food residues from the membrane due to exposure to high temperatures.
    Especially careful should be the consumers with membranes or other plastic articles made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as they contain phthalates, which have been targeted as hormone disrupters.
    Professor of Pharmacology Andrea Gore from the University of Texas at Austin constitutes to cover a container that you are going to heat it in the microwave with another container (e.x. plate), or with kitchen paper. The Gore has studied extensively the effects of different chemicals on reproductive function. She says that she prefers to warm food in glass or ceramic containers, avoiding the use of plastic in the microwave, and use plastic wrap to cover containers in the fridge, but remove before it gets warm the food in the microwave.