Piraeus: Video minutes after the explosion at the gas station – Shocking images of the disasters

Dissolved cars, home and shop disasters, terror and panic compose the puzzle of the powerful explosion next to Homer Street Dogging in . By miracle no human life was lost, while residents of the area are still trying to recover from the shock. It’s just a few minutes after the explosion and the image from above that it shows on videos that secured the newsit.gr is breathtaking. In the video that has been taken from an apartment balcony next to the gas station parking area where the explosion occurred, the size of the damage is reflected. Pieces of sheeting and car bumpers have been launched several meters away from the vehicle frame, while others have been deformed. In the video, as you will see, the fire department and EL forces have arrived. AS. after they’ve blocked the ribbon spot. Then police officers and men from the Department of Detonation of Explosive Devices with lenses in their hands will enter the open-air parking lot and start searching the place where the bomb was placed. At the same time, some of their colleagues will move to the areas of the liquid fuel station, as in its interior there was an employee at the time of the explosion.

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