Piraeus: Large amount of dynamite and slow fuse used by explosion bombers

With a large amount of dynamite triggered by a late fuse was the bomb placed by its perpetrators in the parking lot next to the gas station. According to police estimates, the amount of dynamite was very large, from which there is no way that even the bombers would be in danger when escaping from the point of explosion in Piraeus. As police sources say, this particular spot next to the gas station was chosen to install the explosive device, as it is “blind”, since there are no cameras, that would record the movements of the bombers. At the time of the explosion at the liquid fuel station on Homer Street Dogging in Piraeus, there was an employee and a vehicle, resulting in the explosion risking both the worker and the driver of IX. Police authorities are investigating the wider area around the gas station, where the explosion occurred, and they are combing all the cameras from houses and shops, in order to map the runner of the perpetrators’ escape.