Piraeus Bank: Demand for 27% of shares broke

Each expectation exceeded the positionment for the disposal of 27% of its financial stability fund (FIFG). Piraeus Bank offer book (international and Greek) closed at 4 o’clock in the afternoon of Greece, with the offer price of the shares being formed in the upper range of 4 euros. Earlier, the Board of Directors of the HFSF had met and decided to instruct managers to inform investors that likely bids below EUR 4 will not be taken into account in the allocation process. It is noted that domestic investors could not register for a price of less than 4 euros, as announced on Monday, March 4, when the bid book was opened and a range of disposal prices from 3,70 to 4 euros was announced. The high demand for shares today led the HFSF to make a first announcement that it limits the range of the disposal price to 3,90 – 4 euros. Information refers to overcovering placement up to 10 times. For offers from domestic investors in the Greek book, the information refers to bids over 1 billion euros. According to the Newsletter, the announcements for the final sale price of Piraeus Bank’s shares, as will be formed by the range of offers, as well as the result of the Greek Public Offer, will be made on Thursday, March 7th. The loan of the shares offered to investors’ portions and securities accounts will be made on 11 March. It is recalled that the 337,599,150 shares (27%) of Piraeus Bank, the ownership of the Financial Stability Fund (FIS) will be made available: in Greece, private and special investors, by public offering, up to 41,262.118 joint shares. persons who are reasonably considered to be special institutional buyers in the United States and certain other special investors outside the United States. The HFSF had announced the distribution of the initially offered shares (22%) between the Greek Public Offer and the International Offer as follows: 15%, corresponding to 41.262.118 of the initially offered shares, will be allocated to investors participating in the Greek Public Offer. 85%, corresponding to 233.818.671 of the Originally Offered Shares, will be allocated to investors participating in the International Offer.