Piraeus: 2 people who had turned apartment in downtown Athens into a drug fraud lab

A 65-year-old and 51-year-old, arrested in the afternoon of last Wednesday (06.03.24) had been converted into an apartment in the center of Athens. In the apartment where the drugs were being faked, the arresters who fell into the police net in Piraeus were also found heavy weapons. At the expense of the arrested, a case-file was formed for violating the law on constituent substances and weapons. After using information about the actions of persons involved in the trafficking of cocaine, heroin and hash oil in the wider area of the Attica Basin, the defendants were identified and their criminal activity certified. After research in possession, in their home as well as in the apartment they had installed a drug fraud and reprinting laboratory were found and seized: -0.5-gram cocaine in improvised nylon packaging, -229.5-gram heroin (69.5 of which were divided into 10 improvised nylon packs), -287,9-gram. hash oil, -60- pharmaceutical tablets, -9.635-gram white powder of unknown chemical composition, -47.850-gram. grey pieces suitable for heroin fraud, -3-guns, -2 revolvers, -2-war rifles, -1-gender, folding knife, holder, -3476- cartridges, -80- unassembled cartridges, -12-magazines, -21-500-gram. The arrestees, with the file filed against them, were taken to the Attorney of Defects of Athens.