Pilgrimage – Church service at our Lady of the Τράχωνα

The Church Committee of Panagia of Τράχωνα announces that, in cooperation with the Community Council Τράχωνα, there will be a Pilgrimage – Church service in the Occupied Church of our lady of the Τράχωνα, Sunday, 27 December 2015.
The Divine liturgy will preside over the Bishop of Mesaoria, mr. Gregorios.
Start time of The Sequence, 7.00 am.m. Invited the Τραχωνίτες and all the faithful to participate in the Pilgrimage – Church.
To this end the Community Council Τράχωνα in cooperation with the Church Committee our lady of the Τράχωνα they have arranged buses for the transport of the faithful.
Place of departure: Chapel of our lady Τραχωνίτισσας in Strovolos.
Time of departure: 7.00 am.m.
For more information, it is also possible to communicate with the community council and Church Commissioner, mr Michael Christou (Tel. 99722346).
From the Church Committee our lady of the Τράχωνα