Pierrakakis and Voridis responded to the opposition with a photo of police officers in flames

With a photograph depicting police officers wrapped in flames by throwing molotov at the Unknown Soldier, they responded to the opposition and . Specifically Kyriakos Pierrakakis and Makis Voridis showed a photograph depicting police officers to the Unknown Soldier being wrapped in flames by throwing molotov and “answered” in this way to the parliamentary representatives of the parties, who spoke in plenary about an “unprovoked and unjustified” attack by the riot police on students. “This, everyone here, in the context of democratic legitimacy we have to condemn it,” said Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis, and also Minister of State, Makis Voridis – after the circle of parliamentary representatives of the parties on the subject of incidents in the Constitution – wondered how allegations of “unprovoked attack” were adopted without having seen these photographs, clearly showing police officers going off fire by molotovs who fired against them. “In this democratic right of assembly, which you all invoke and the government fully respects, is the shooting of molotovs against police forces included? And after that do you think police forces trying to maintain order are doing wrong? “ said Mr. Voridis. He added that the government fully respects the right of assembly and even sees to it that this is carried out in the appropriate manner which has been demonstrated in a series of gatherings of various social groups. Previously the parliamentary representative of the Communist Party, Nikos Karathanasopoulos, raised the issue in plenary saying: “We denounce the government of the South West for the unprovoked organized and pre-planned attack against the grand movement that is taking place. You’ve drowned the entire Constitution with chemicals. If you think that this way you will face the anger and militancy of students you are fooled. Whatever you do, you won’t hit it. It will continue despite the repression and violence measures you take.” “The good news is that students along with teachers continue to regroup. There was no cause for any challenge, but it seems that we have a government that has verbal violence and when it does not go through the real violence with tear gas and wood to break up a peaceful demonstration,” Euclid Tsakalotos from the New Left said. Christos Giannoulis, from Syriza in turn said: “It is enough to abuse police violence against our children. It causes pain from the chemicals and unbreakable attacks of the men of the riot police against our children who came to shout that the collapse of our Constitution is enough.” “We have to respect the Constitution one of the basic conquests is the demonstration and if something the state must demonstrate is tolerance the measure and a similar reaction. We condemn all disproportionate and unprovoked use of violence” stressed Dimitris Mantzos from PASOK.