Pieria: Video – document with 47-year-old doctor and 3.5-year-old daughter just before reported abuse

Video document came to light from the , which shows the 47-year-old doctor with his 3.5-year-old, where he is accused of molesting her. In the security camera video broadcast by MEGA and Live News, it appears the 47-year-old is with his daughter at a playground in Pieria and playing. The video is reportedly recorded some time before the 47-year-old and his daughter enter the car and elude them (as charged). The owner of the playground was the one who reported seeing the child’s sexual abuse in the car. The creepy case According to what became known, the doctor was arrested in Larissa following a civil complaint and his former partner and mother of the child. At the same time, the results of the biological material collected by the authorities from the defendant’s car are expected. The complaint of negligentness against the only 3.5-year-old girl was made by a citizen, who was passing that time, from the point where the father had parked his car and called the “Smile of the Child”. The citizen reported suspicious behavior, saying the defendant and the girl were for hours in his car, in which he was molesting the girl. It is noted that the child’s mother submitted a plea against the accused as, as she argues – her ex-husband was late to return the child home, where he lives with his mother. In particular, the 47-year-old returned the minor at 2 noon last Tuesday, instead of 10 a.m. on the same day, as stipulated by the act of consensual marriage solution and regulation of custody and child support. The 47-year-old was arrested and taken before the responsible prosecutor Katerinis, where he was deemed a parole officer.

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