Pieria: “Expressing” workshops and selling spare parts to a company – Over 70,000 euros their value

Repeated shoplifting of spare parts made 2 brothers in It is estimated that the spare parts stolen from car garages were worth a total of 70,000 euros. According to the police, this is a 44-year-old and 47-year-old involved, where appropriate, in a total of 10 cases of car thefts and car trading or recycling operations. The stolen spare parts, as emerged from the police investigation, were channelled to a metal recycling company in eastern Thessaloniki and for this reason became the defendant and its owner. The two brothers were arrested red-handed yesterday, after three “hits” made last 24 hours. In subsequent investigations, part of the stolen goods were identified and attributed to their legal owners, while burglary tools were found in their possession.

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