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PHOTOS RS-Throwing The commission in the fight against Tobacco

“The White House and Its Next Occupant” Advertising Card, ca. 1904 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title)  photos from patient lungs and throat cancer will” decorate “the packets of cigarettes in the countries of the EU, according to a proposal tabled today by the European Commission to strengthen the fight against smoking.

It was also suggested that European legislation is strengthened to be highlighted even more substances that cause addiction. Currently the law sets maximum limits on the content of nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar in cigarettes, claiming to have written warnings on packages and precludes the classification of cigarettes as “light” or “low tar”.

These ideas were presented at a public consultation which started in Brussels with a view to revising the current legislation on tobacco, which is scheduled to take place in 2012.

“Tobacco is a product like others. It creates dependency, causing disease and pain to our citizens and health spending to European governments, which could be avoided, “states the Commissioner for Health John subtitles.

Despite the dangers” 30% of Europeans still smoke and smoking is particularly concerned that 35% of young Europeans, “he added in a statement.

Today only four of the 27 EU member states implement such practices Alert using pictures: Belgium, Romania, Britain and Latvia.

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