Peter Rabbit’s birthday together with incumbent Martha Lambiri and former Myrto Alicaki

In a Swedish way he celebrated his birthday yesterday (09.03.2024), along with the current Martha Lambiris and the ex-wife, . Peter Rabbits, having dear friends and partners, accepted the happy birthdays of both his partner Martha Lambiris and his ex-wife Myrto Alicaki with whom they have had two children together. Related video from the birthday party posted to social media the actor, George Chrysiotis. The passage shows Peter Rabbit extinguishing his birthday candle by falling into his companion’s arms with whom they exchange a passionate kiss. Seconds later and Myrto Alicaki rushes to his side where she kisses him crucifully giving her wishes for his birthday. The former couple, for several years after the separation, maintains excellent relationships, as they still state through their interviews.