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Personality TEST: Which eye do you like?

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul…
Pick the eye that represents more and see what it says about your personality. Fell within the estimates?
1. Do you have “open” soul.
You’re the kind of person who will welcome everyone in the life and heart of the.
You’re the type of person that will risk even if you get hurt, than to choose to withdraw into themselves.
I will show the world their fears or your insecurities.
Do you think that the problems need to be treated in private.
Maybe you’re also the kind of person who finds relief in helping others!
2. You have a conscience.
You’re always trying to give your soul in what you do and you think that your actions affect the lives of others.
When you’re anxious or upset, I try to keep it to yourself.
Interested in being the best person you can be.
3. You could be a tortured soul.
You’re the kind of person who has a bad past that still affects you today?
You think that your life makes a bad joke.
You’re always in a race to find your inner peace and serenity where it’s possible.
Maybe you’re introverted and you’re trying to εξορθολογίσεις all of your thoughts.
You have endured a lot and keep it for yourself.
But you’re an expert in back every time you go psychologically.
4.A philosophical approach.
You tend to think of all the time and for everything.
Always looking for the deeper meaning of things.
Sometimes you can be so lost in your thoughts that it is difficult to grasp the reality.
Are you trying to hide from the world how unsure you feel?
Think of life as a maze, but you can still enjoy the ride through him.
You may not be able always to understand the meaning of these occurring, but deal with the situation.
5. Puzzling.
Life and your soul is full of contradictions, you have a very unstable mood and find myself often difficult to understand what is happening.
I don’t usually reveal to others your personality.
You don’t do wrong actions, you’re trying to move on with steady steps, most of the times, but enjoying the mysterious and enigmatic life
where do you live!
6. You’re a sensitive soul.
You feel everything and not forget anything.
You have deep emotions and sometimes the smallest details can affect you and at the same time when you laugh you feel that it has healed the wound.
You’re trying not to show the world how fragile you are.
Instead of” that show the world how smart and impactful you are.
You sense what’s about to come.
7. You are very energetic or passionate.
You’re of the limbs. You’re logic of “all or nothing”.
You are absolute in your views and usually you fall on your face in a quick and drastic decisions.
Are you trying to hide your anxiety, but you have a lot of energy and can be quite nervous.
You are often overly dramatic.
8. Eccentric.
You’re the type of person who has weird and unusual interests, thoughts, and practices.
You’re just weird. I don’t pay attention to rules or tradition.
Are you doing everything in your own way, without regard for the consequences you may face.
You show everyone how different you are and you don’t have anything to hide.
I really don’t care if people judge you.
Wish everyone was like you. It’s good to be unconventional.
9. Intuitive.
You have a sixth sense on how you perceive other people and the world.
You can tell a lot by facial expressions or the tone of his voice.
It is difficult for someone to manipulate you.
Show the world exactly what you want to show.
You can express yourself well and you’re a great listener.
Are you conscious of who you are and what you want.Source

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