William Henry Harrison “Late President Of The U. States” Memorial Ribbon, 1841 Politics
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    (Title) In the budget cuts go the U.S. Pentagon announced that Defense Secretary Robert Gates U.S..
    The main measures announced by the abolition of the Joint Staff Force, based in Virginia, and 10% reduction in the budget for contract.

    According to Minister of Defense, the annual budget of staff amounts to 240 million dollars.
    The Pentagon had initially excluded from the freeze on public expenditure management to promote the Obama. Indeed, the budget, including spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, rose to 700 billion in 2011.
    However, in June announced that the Pentagon aims to save 100 billion in the next five years participating in cost reduction due to the crisis.

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    J.C. Fremont Politics
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    Bryan-Kern Portrait Postcards, ca. 1908 Politics
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