Pericles Condylate: If I go out and say it’s not a healthy pattern, I can’t be cursed.

‘ I didn’t say not to be gay or overweight, but it can’t be that caption of yours,” said . Pericles Kondylatos made statements to entertainment reporters. The well-known jewel designer also responded about the statements he made over the weekend on the show “I Love Su Ku”. “I didn’t say not to be gay or not to be overweight or to have been the victim of sexual harassment. I didn’t say that. Their truth is good for them. I said it couldn’t be your caption. I mean, Pericles Condylate, jewelry designer. He can’t be Pericles Condylatus, a child who lived a difficult childhood. You can’t be determined by your weight, you can’t be determined by your sexuality, you can’t be determined if you’ve had a hard time as a child. They’ll define you too, of course, I didn’t say to shake them or hide them. But I don’t go out selling this stuff over and over and over… I have no problem with minorities defending their rights,” Pericles Kondilatos originally said. Pericles Kondylatus also added: “Of course we have to talk, but what I don’t like is there being screaming and hysteria and nothing else can be said. If I go out and say it’s not a healthy role model, I can’t be cursed. That’s absurd. I don’t care to stay in the news, I like to be in the news forever.”