Pericles Condylate: I don’t want to go north on every uneducated panelist.

“Many make a career on television as gay, as overweight,” says . Pericles Kondilatos spoke on the show’s camera I Love Sooku and Reporter Despina Panagiotidou. The well-known jewel designer refers to the taste left to him by his last participation in Survivor and the general attack he received last time for some views he expressed publicly. “Survivor I believe has grown too tired. Unfortunately, the second time I went left me a very bitter taste. He’s been distracting people as to what my job is, who I am. If I had known in the first place, I would not have done this to myself,” Pericles Condylatus states. “It was generally bad for me and when I came out, my report, I think I gave a lot more interviews than I should have. In general, television has left me a bitter taste,” he points out. “It has bothered me very much that some of my views were misinterpreted. When I said I would like the woman to sit at home and not work, I ate a very big war, they suffered terrible bullying”, Pericles Kondylatos then points out. “What I said about overweight people, that they’re not healthy and we’ve made it a role model they took and they did… my parents were calling me and they were saying: child, what are these, why are you talking to them? I don’t want to be a boon to every uneducated panelist or presenter who wants to sell activism on my back, because that’s what happened. A lot of people make careers as gay, overweight… you know, there are other qualities in this life. We don’t need to have our weights or our sexuality as a property. We can have a normal profession, we can’t flag this,” Pericles Kondilatos concludes.