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    (Title)  revealing are the first elements of the investigation conducted by the Greek health inspectors for the involvement of SIEMENS from 2002 to 2009 on the procurement of medical equipment at least 200 hospitals, among them Serres, Health Centers, the ambulance and welfare institutions.
    As Thanos Paschalis story in the newspaper Friday the 13th “(18 / 6) a search conducted after the mandate of the Inquiry Committee of the House and delivered to members by the head of the College of Health Inspector Michael Sampotakaki later than July 15.
    The investigation at the hospital Serres, resulting in the award of procurement irregularities in SIEMENS. It is telling that only in 2006, the hospital commissioned the German company to supply an automatic immunological analyzer and the corresponding reagents, total cost EUR 80,000. One analyst indicators of anemia and immune-type parameter analyzer with the respective active and total cost 12,500.
    In addition, as the relevant reports, hospital Serres had purchased from the same company after a competition in 2007, the call center over 95 000 euros, and incubators in 2003 based on contracts signed with SIEMENS the Public Construction of Hospitals (DEPANOM).

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