Perfect and easy lip balm for chapped lips

What if we present red, brown, nude, pink lipstick if your lips are…
chapped, none of these shades will be able to highlight your lips. And especially in the Winter, the cold temperatures attack on our lips.
Except for the lip balm that is never missing from our bag, an easy DIY trick that combats chapped lips leaving them soft and hydrated is the following:
You will need: A bag of tea, preferably green, but black, you do.trick beauty for chapped lips
Immerse the bag in hot water and leave until soaked completely. Then press it on your lips for 3 to 5 minutes.
Why it works this trick: The tannins in the tea (that’s why the preference to a green that is more rich in tannins) relieve from dryness on the lips and eliminates the dead cells found on the surface of the lips causing cracking.
A beauty trick you’ll love the Winter! Are you saying to apply the same and the Angelina Jolie’s?