Pella: The spot where the 20-year-old and the 21-year-old died – At hospital the driver

Shocking images come from Aridea to the point where two young children, aged 20 and 21 died as a result of an accident. The car accident occurred on Tuesday (12.3.2024) shortly after 10 p.m., at the 3rd km of the provincial road Constance – Explatanos, in the area of Aridaia (Municipality Almopia) in Pella. According to the Police, a car in which three people – under unknown circumstances – were on board was diverted from its course, resulting in it initially falling into a school concrete yard and then into a lighting column, where it was immobilized. Fire Service forces were called at the point to release the 20-year-old driver, also a 20-year-old passenger and another 21-year-old passenger. All three were serviced with EMCDDA ambulances at the Aridea Health Center. However, it was already late for the two passengers, where doctors simply found their death. The 20-year-old driver, reportedly of the APE-APE, was transferred to Edessa hospital, where doctors considered his passage to the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki necessary. The exact circumstances of the accident are investigated by the Almopia PD. The point of the accident: