Peggy Zina: What is the answer for the infamous filters in the “X-Factor”?

The negative criticism and the relationship with Giorgos Theofanous. Peggy Zina gave an interview to the magazine …
YOU and, among others, spoke at the Georgia Συρίχα for the role of a judge on “X Factor”, the well-known filters on the cameras that the show was flawless, the plywood he had in the past with Giorgos Theofanous, and for the criticism has heard the same due to the television exposure in the talent show of SKAI.
Below follows an excerpt of the interview:
Starting at the “X Factor”, I have to say that you put filters on your face to look flawless and waxy… Not upset, when did you hear this?
Of course not… Why upset it? I didn’t mind at all… Besides seeing myself I don’t believe that I’m not flawless, nor waxy, so what to do with the filters?
I saw you get angry with a contestant from Georgia who turned her down and became a theme with him, Theo, and the Investors that – the κεθένας for their own reasons – voted… Tamta, yes, I felt that somewhere, he was annoyed, personally, since she hails from Georgia and was started by game similar…
I’ll tell you something why I have learned in my life to be honest and to say things with their name… I have going to this musical contest to tell the world the truth as I see it, because if you pat them on the ears will not help them to cope with tomorrow and the problems they find in front of them. To be clear, then, that I came on the show to be helpful and to speak, not to be a mute…
You’re afraid at some point be nice obnoxious to a few people.
So as you put it, I will have to agree to everything and say many times, lied to so as not to upset some people. With anything and in any case, I wouldn’t do that and I wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Again, I prefer to be helpful!
Are you ready given that you’re exposed to the tv, to hear, and negative, categories, to rant and to accept any criticism of your do without to upset you?
Yes, I’m ready to accept any criticism and, in any case where you have to answer, I’ll answer it… Besides, from the first moment I knew what I will face…
Get along to the jury with George Theofanous, who in the past haven’t had the best relations while you work recording successfully… George yes, he said: “Never again with Peggy!” Over the years the hatred fade?
“Water under the bridge”, as he would respond and Theodore Μαραντίνης or to say it simply in English, “That’s normal”.

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