Patras: In counterattack the family of the 17-year-old electrocuted student at a school

The student was found from school in a hospital. He suffered from a bare wire and was discharged. The matter continues to cause discussions in … The accident occurred on Wednesday, March 27, at a school in Patras. The 17-year-old student came into contact with a bare wire and was electrocuted, without luck being seriously injured. His parents leave spikes through their lawyer for what happened from that day. It is stressed that some are trying to disown all their responsibilities and throw them at strangers who had damaged the safety lamp. Attack on the Electric Lighting Sector of the Municipality of Patras and members of the educational community by lawyer George Kourahanis on the occasion of the responses given to the electrocution suffered by a 17-year-old student, within his school, in Patras. The lawyer notes on “The lightning reflexes shown by the Directorate of Autopestasia, Department of Roads, Buildings, Maintenance, Air-conditioning and Anti-Ceraine Protection of the Municipality of Patras, led by the Deputy Mayor of Education and Autopesia Catherine Simou, on the incident of electrocution suffered by the student of Gymnasium on 28/03/2024 in the school complex of Demenians at the time of its operation, with which an unprecedented attempt to disclaim responsibilities is found. Not even the Affidavit Administrative Examination ordered by the Director of Secondary Education which will produce a finding on this matter, unfortunately and early the above supervisory authority of the Municipality of Patras is reportedly making statements to the local press by photographing and targeting the school community and the students as the sole managers of the event considering that this was vandalism carried out by them. Even so, in the event of vandalism, the competent bodies must observe and implement the safety protocol in the presence of the students in the school area, adhere to the provisions in force to ensure the protection of students, by dealing directly with any incident and not to lose sight of their responsibilities. The school check showed that the security light was destroyed by strangers and apparently not repaired. The competent workshops of the municipality repaired the lamp, with technicians expressing doubts about how the accident took place. The 17-year-old student had spoken one day after the Live News accident and described what happened when he was hit by a power from a naked cable. “I was schooling at the time and there was a vandalism in the lamp. My palm found there and blackened my hand. I saw it hanging two days there. I’m not sure when it happened. The light was definitely broken. I was with a friend and I was coming down at that time,” he said. The student was conscious, but he was in shock. His mother was notified and the 17-year-old was taken to hospital. “I went to St.Andras, to hospital with my mother and because she wasn’t writing, we went to Rio by ambulance,” said the student.