Patras: Entrepreneurs the parents of 2.5 months of infants who died unexpectedly

He died at the house where he lived with his parents, at the scene of an ancient tragedy at the hospital where the angel was taken dead… The unexpected death spread a veil of grief in Patras, with parents and local society, waiting for the forensic examination’s findings, expected to clarify the causes of death. The wrongful infant was found without his senses, in the crib he was sleeping in from his parents. They quickly moved the angel to a hospital, but unfortunately it was late. The doctors failed to bring it back to life. With the tragic news causing emotion and grief in the archaic capital. Parents who are businessmen in the city go up their own unspeakable Calvary. Nothing and no one can comfort them in these difficult times. In mourning the parents and family who are well known in Patras for her business activity sank. This has been a family dealing with car trafficking for decades. It all started on Saturday night, March 9 to Sunday, when the baby’s parents realized that the baby was unconscious. They immediately mobilized and transferred it to the University Hospital of Patras. Doctors made superhuman efforts to bring it back to life. They applied for a long time a Kadriorespiral Revival Method (CARPA) but unfortunately they did not succeed. As local media broadcast, Sunday morning, March 10, hospital doctors informed the police of the tragic incident. Immediately there was mobilisation and an autopsy was ordered in order to determine the causes of the little boy’s death, while preliminary questioning for the case has already begun from the first Police Department of Patras.

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