Patra: Severs EODY Scale After New Meningitis Case to Student

The 20-year-old student remains intubated in the inner hospital in , with . The EODY has been alerted, with a step rushing to the archaic capital… While the 20-year-old student remains intubated in a hospital with meningitis, in Patras there is a state of alarm for any dispersal. The EOPI has already been notified and is expected in the town step, to decide the next moves. The patient was taken to a city hospital by his parents on Tuesday, March 5. The young man had fever and rashes in his body. The doctors decided to move to the city’s University Hospital, where his hospital continues. The EODY scale is expected to come tomorrow Thursday, March 7 in Patras, after the new case of meningitis in a student. As the commander of the 6th Health District, Giannis Karvelis, reported in the RES, “I have contacted the EODY early this morning and perhaps a step will come tomorrow in order to decide exactly what instructions will be given to the University about what needs to be done.” Meanwhile, with regard to the measures taken, following the occurrence of meningitis in a student studying at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Peloponnese, which is housed at the premises of the former TEI Patras along with other Patras University schools, Giannis Karvelis said that “the protocol provides for specific measures and the relevant instructions have already been given.” The young student was first taken to the hospital “Saint Andrew” in a serious condition and then was taken to the University Hospital in Patras, where he is hospitalized in an ICU intubated. His state of health is characterized as critical by doctors. It is recalled that this is the third case of meningitis found in a student of the University of Patras in recent times. The first case was recorded in mid-January 2024 as a freshman student of the Shipbuilding Department, at the end of February a student of Math during the occupations and is now sick the 20-year-old student According to what Marcos Marangos, professor of Pathology – Infectious Diseases of the University of Patras, said on and director of the Pathological Clinic of the University General Hospital of Patras, the student was moved late Tuesday afternoon to the General Hospital of Patras “Saint Andreas” with a high fever and rash. According to Mr. Maragos, this is a case that is very similar to the equivalent of the student of the Department of Mathematics who had been transferred a few days ago to the University Hospital.