Patra: Mother’s report of bullying to her 14-year-old daughter – She was caught by her hair and attacked

Another incident and intra-school violence occurred this time in a southern high school, with a victim as the child’s mother denounces, a 14-year-old girl. According to what the girl’s mother says, her child has been receiving Bullying since the beginning of the school year (from October onwards) from a specific group of students, boys and girls in a school comparison of Patras. But the incident that overflowed the glass occurred in the school yard when another girl, who is on this bullying team, caught her by her hair and attacked her. However, instead of finding her right, according to the girl’s mother, she accepted the expulsion from the school’s management, along with her younger brother who, at the time of the incident, rushed to defend her, as the Journal Opinion writes ( “It’s a situation that’s been going on for months now. A group of children tell my girl a difference about her family and mock her daily. We’ve notified the principal and school teachers of what’s going on, but they’ve done absolutely nothing. They have now come to expel my own children who are the victims of this situation, and I and myself have in the past received threats from parents of these children.” The mother of the 14-year-old girl is determined this time to get the whole thing to the extreme and prepare to go to the Juvenile Attorney to denounce both the incident and the behavior of the school community to her children, submitting lawsuits.