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PASOK Prepare assign GREEK Continental Shelf

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(Title) the abandonment of Greek sovereign rights on the continental shelf as defined by applicable rules of international law, mean what he said in an interview yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister in r / s «Real fm».
When asked about the movements of Turkish research ship in the Aegean, Th Pangalos substantially hastened to legitimize, while giving a net position of the consultations carried out behind the scenes to promote arrangements concerning the status of the Aegean.
«The” Piri Reis “and” ÇeÅŸme “do research in international waters, where anyone can do research, not just the coastal countries. Not only Greece and Turkey. It can come ship Russian, American, or the Congo. In international waters, anyone can do what he wants. In the Aegean there is the problem (…) In international waters, it is neither our …», said Deputy Prime Minister, according to transcripts of the text distributed by the station.

Continuing the I. Pangalos said on the shelf: “The problem is if you do surveys on the continental shelf and the continental shelf is the lesser depth, the seabed at a depth of less than 200 meters, which is an extension of the coast. Where we stop the Greek territorial waters, there can be no more shallow depths of 200 meters and was set up shelf. This is the shelf for many years, Greece insists that the sort just to confuse – misconceptions and issues and everyone is free to make more inquiries or holdings ».

It is obvious that the Deputy Prime Minister deliberately restricted to definition of continental shelf, these parts of the sea that extend beyond its territorial waters and the bottom reaches a maximum depth of 200 meters.
In fact, these protofanti position, which has so far supported neither by the Turkish side. That rule does not currently exist in the current Convention on the Law of the Sea. Applied only to the Convention of 1958, replaced by the current of 1982 precisely because it did not exist Technology for drilling in deeper bottom.
A single glance at a map of the Aegean to the depths of the bottom of each item is sufficient to understand what this change in position of the Greek government. Substance, Greece abandoned its rights over the continental shelf in most of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, which are outside the territorial waters and seabed areas of more than 200 feet deep.
Such areas depth of more than 200 measures are becoming the Cretan Sea to the east of Laconia, the Central Aegean Sea to the outskirts of Kimi Evia, the Aegean Sea to the shores of Halkidiki and Magnesia, etc. All these areas in accordance with international law are now Greek continental shelf.

The position expressed in the most official way the government have failed to support either the Turks, who claim that either do research in their own continental shelf – the base’s position that the Greek islands have continental shelf and so is the middle line in the Aegean (25th Meridian) – or say they simply mapping the seabed in international waters, which nobody can stop them.
must also be noted that “International shelf ‘does not exist even as a concept, since in any case any dispute states to identify the continental shelf in international waters, all of which have been shared by states (even the Arctic Ocean!).
It is significant that throughout the Mediterranean has been divided into areas where the continental shelf – and thus the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – belongs to the opposite country, according to the average distance between the coasts. Bear in mind that Cyprus has demarcate the continental shelf with Egypt and is open on the respective settlement between Greece – Egypt and Libya, and with Italy in the Ionian Sea is defined by the average distance. Obviously, if the position was Pangalos, all these arrangements would be outside of international law.

Vice Greek government fully reverses not only the standing Greek positions, at least out in public, but also the rules International Law.
The website of the Greek Foreign Ministry, where we present the problem of the shelf, says: “Turkey aims at acquisition of the continental shelf west of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and therefore the entrapment of such a zone Turkish jurisdiction. The fact that Turkey’s position was not based on any rule of international law, reveals Turkey’s pursuit to make a difference in legal political ».
In contrast to this position, Vice President of the Greek government justifies the Turkish demands, declines as the continental shelf west of the Greek islands and to mainland Greece to the coast of Evia and the Gulf of Thessaloniki, or at best, puts on the table of negotiation with Turkey.

Yes in another section of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted: “The issue is the delimitation of the continental shelf on two specific points, that both the extension of maritime border in Thrace and the other near the Turkish coast lying islands in the North and East Aegean the Dodecanese. Is clearly not a whole shelf of the Aegean as late claims that Turkey, which was also granted licenses to conduct investigations of oil just two points above ».
Given that ongoing Greek-Turkish negotiations on the continental shelf in the umbrella of NATO and in the context of the asphyxiating endoimperialistikon competition, it is unlikely that any statements Pangalos be the precursor of the table arrangements.

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“เฉลิม แร็ พ” ฉบับ อ อริ จิ นั ล จาก ผู้ สร้าง แม้ว แร็ พ – ขลุ่ย มรณะ (ท.ว. บุ ร ขัน ฑ์) ———- หมายเหตุ: ผู้ สร้าง เฉลิม แร็ พ ขอ เน้น ยำ้ ว่า จุด ประสงค์ เพียง อย่าง เดียว ของ คลิป วิดีโอ นี้ คือ การ สร้าง ความ บันเทิง ให้ กับ ผู้ ใด ก็ตาม ที่ เห็น เนื้อหา ใน คลิป เป็น เรื่อง ชวนหัว คลิป นี้ ทำ ขึ้น โดย การ ตัด ต่อ ลำดับ ภาพ และ เสียง โดย มิได้ อิง ลำดับ ภาพ และ เสียง จาก สถานการณ์ จริง ใด ๆ ผู้ สร้าง ไม่มี เจตนา ดูหมิ่น สร้าง ความ เข้าใจ ผิด หรือ โอน เอียง ฝักใฝ่ ฝ่าย หนึ่ง ฝ่าย ใด ทั้งสิ้น ———- “Chalerm Rap” original version, posted by the author. Disclaimer: This clip is intended for entertainment purposes only and not by any means an attempt to undermine or defame any particular political faction. TV Purakhanda

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