PASOK does not vote for Article 16 – The government is talking about sixth buttock

It seems to change again and sets conditions to vote for the change in Article 16 of the Constitution to allow them to be allowed. In statements from the House the parliamentary representative of PASOK, Dimitris Mantzios, made it clear that in order for his party to vote for the revision concerning non-state universities, the government should first discuss the content of the changes that will be promoted. “We want to be clear and crystal clear. Because there is no trust in the government, especially after these statements, I tell you this to be clear. Our consensus in the constitutional review will be produced after discussion and consensus on the content of the provision not on whether to revise but on how to revise it. We are committed to reviewing Article 16 so that non-governmental non-profit universities can be established. Do you commit the same? Answer us by the end of a meeting if you are committed to what we have been saying for many years,” he stressed. Dimitris Mantzos was answered by Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis who said, among other things, that “we have now experienced 6th generation of PASOK. Mr Manjo, you said that if this House is proposing you will not vote because you do not trust us. First of all, thank you for saying that we will be a government again. You say you will not vote validates this because if there was a vital place for annexes we did so. Greece has no room to wait when you would agree.” Earlier and Kyriakos Mitsotakis had told the President of PASOK that “we cannot follow you, Mr. Androulakis, from your pirouettes and ovidic transformations.”