Paschalis: I am not proud of the composition in Marina’s “Zari” Satti

“I was disappointed with the song” states .Pashalis expressed his personal opinion about Marina Satti’s song, entitled “Zari” which will represent Greece in the upcoming Eurovision music competition in Malmo, Sweden. “I keep glad Marina Satti will represent us, she is a remarkable artist. But the song let me down. I have often argued that the song sent by ERT and the committee that decides on Eurovision must first have the acceptance of the Greek public. I think this is very important,” the singer who has also been on the stage of the European music competition in the distant past confessed. “Today public opinion is against our participation. I’m not proud of the composition of the song Zari. Part of it is modern, the generation of 40 and above does not understand it,” Pashalis added afterwards.