Parliament: On Wednesday the discussion and voting of the outcome of the Tempe Examination

On the morning of Wednesday (20/05/2024) the Conference of Presidents was appointed by the Conference of Presidents to hold a debate and vote on the outcome of the Committee of Inquiry “to investigate the crime of and all aspects related to it”. The Conference decided that the meeting should begin at 09:30 next Wednesday morning and that the debate on the outcome should be organised with four cycles of speakers-members in proportion to the parliamentary power of their parties. In addition, the political leaders will, of course, want the parliamentary representatives of the parties to take the floor. The government will represent a minister, who will be appointed if the whole process is a parliamentary initiative process. A total of 41 Members will take part in the parliamentary debate of the three speakers. The first round of speakers-sponsors will consist of the Members of the parties and the independent Member who was a member of the Committee of Inquiry. 16 speakers will participate in the next rounds, in each cycle, proportionate to the parliamentary power of the parties. According to Parliament’s rules, the debate is typically held on the outcome approved by majority (by the ND MPs) but during the debate each opposition party will focus on its positions on the conclusion that it has submitted and attached as finalistic reports in the Final. The final vote of the House, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, will take place by roll-call vote and is required to approve the Commission’s conclusion, to bring together the majority.