PAOK – Aris LIVE for the first Super League playoff game 1

He faces him in Toumba for the first game of Super League 1 playoffs, with the two teams premiere with the Thessaloniki derby, in the “fights” for the title and exit in Europe. Aris is low in the score and is 18 points away from the pioneer PAOK, but only indifferent is he not and showed his potential with the draw against the AEK in the last race of the regular Super League 1. The “whites” on the other hand are closer to winning the championship and want to stay at the top. Watch LIVE PAOK – Mars from For the fifth consecutive season PAOK with Mars and for the sixth overall in their history will be faced with the Championship Playoffs. Bicephalus has a better harvest in his away encounters with the Yellows, where he counts three wins and a defeat, while as a homer he has two wins, a tie and a defeat. In this year’s match against Toumba for the regular duration they stayed 0-0 and PAOK did not follow up on the three consecutive wins he had from the Second Round of last year’s championship and the two games for last year’s Playoffs he had won in both games. The equivalent had been done by Mars in 2021-22 who had won the win in both matches for the Playoffs process. This is the 65th encounter between the two teams with PAOK’s home team since the establishment of the First National/Super League, with the Double-Headed Eagle having 34 wins, Mars 11 wins and 19 games being tied. 64 MEETINGS 34 NIK PAOK 19 ISOPALS 11 NIKA ARIS GALL: 95–47

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