Panagiotis Vasilakos: With Nicoleta from Bachelor we have formal relations

‘ I said then that if this happens again, I will send out of court and lawsuits everywhere,” said Panayiotis Vasilakos interviewed the show “Mega Morning”. Businessman and former Bachelor also responded about the moment he threatened some media with lawsuits. “In the past I had reached close to marriage, I had made a symbiosis. The reunion with my partner happened when her father left life. I always give second and third chances in my life. I envy my girlfriend. If there’s no jealousy, what are we here to do? In a woman I look after her limbs, her smile and her eyes. I had nose surgery because I broke it in boxing and football. I regret that I didn’t go to do it in plastic,” said Panagiotis Vasilakos. In closing, Panagiotis Vasilakos said: “With Nicoleta from Bachelor we have formal relations. Bless her and her family. When they wrote that my parents are not the real ones, I had said that if it happens again I will send out court and lawsuits everywhere.”

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